Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Quick Question

I have a real quick question before I write my next post....does anyone know if the GDB Salt Lake City high school program dogs will get recalled at the May truck or will it be in June/July?

Thanksss :)
Maddie and Betsy

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Backing up..

I haven't updated in so long! I'm sorry guys! So let's back up to say...January 13th. That was the second Wednesday of the month and we had a puppy meeting! Before this meeting Betsy was wearing a Halti headcollar. But for quite a few days before the meeting it had been really irritating her bad eye. I'm sure I mentioned it before...but when Betsy was a baby she had a bottom eyelid that rolled in and irritated her eye. She has finally outgrown it...for the most part. My leader said he doesn't want her wearing the headcollar anymore because GDB is trying to avoid doing surgery on her eye. I was okay with her not wearing it, except for the fact that she has gotten so big that I can't correct her is she has her mind set on something. My leader recommended fitting her with a chain training collar. I said at the very beginning of my puppy raising experience that I would never make my puppy wear one of those. When I saw a dog wearing one I always thought that it was an unruly dog. I know this is not the case, but still! I didn't have any other choice with Betsy though. So I got her the training collar and oh my goodness, she is a completely different dog. She pays complete and total attention to me. She does everything I ask of her and she is happy. I was worried that the collar would hinder her confidence, but instead it has increased it! Now she LOVES working. She doesn't like working for long period of times, but she loves to work! So I guess I shouldn't have judged to collars so quickly, but I do still prefer headcollars!

The other major thing I learned in the past couple weeks is that Betsy doesn't handle crowds well. She has never liked going to school. I thought it was just because she didn't like working in general, but now I see that she likes stores so she must like working. At school she is very anxious and doesn't settle down easily. She sits beside me and continually tries to stand up and leave. I only ever bring her to one class, but I think I'm going to have to cut that back even more. So for now she is just going to be hanging out at home. I will work on bringing her to places where there is going to be a crowd but she can just hang out and relax and I can focus completely on her. I am going to try and have people pet her and show her that being in a crowd isn't a bad thing.  If anyone has any advice on what I can do to calm her in crowds I would love to hear it!

My only other major news is that Gabrina made it to phase 10! :D!

I'm sorry I don't have any pictures, I had a ton on her on my phone and then they all got deleted! Ah! Betsy will be 9 months on Thursday and I will try to take some new pictures by then. But don't count on it. Soccer has started up so I am super busying practicing!

Maddie and Betsy

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

But I wanna puppy!

My leader has sent out two emails today saying that GDB is shipping puppies out to Colorado and they REALLY need homes! I asked my parents if I could pretty please raise one. But alas no. Grr! I want some puppy breath :). I don't have time to take care of a young puppy during the school year, but still! I want one! Betsy would love to have a little brother or sister!

Okay enough whining...
I promise and update on Betsy will be coming soon. We haven't really been doing much, but she has been doing great. I have been watching her super close and she hasn't gotten into anything! Woo!

Maddie (wishing for puppy breath) and Betsy.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Picture Slam

First of all, sorry things have been so quiet around here lately. I have started back to school and writing more than is required just doesn't sound like much fun!

Please ignore the fact that the pups eyes look funky in some of these pictures.

Betsy and I sitting in front of the Christmas tree. I am sitting on my knees and Betsy is looking directly at the camera. She is wearing her vest and looking very proud

I am sitting on my knees in front of the Christmas tree and Betsy is laying across my lap. She has her vest on and a red Santa hat. She looks a little bit pathetic, but also a little happy

Betsy laying on the floor in vest. She has her head on the ground and she pulled the Santa hat up over her eyes

Betsy, in vest, and I are in front of the Christmas tree with my pet dog Slim. Slim in a German Shorthair Pointer who is 4 years old. I am sitting on my knees and have a puppy laying on either side. I have a hand on both of their shoulders.

Betsy in front of the tree, wearing her vest. She is looking directly into the camera. The only background is the tree

This last picture is super important to me. The dog sitting in my lap is 14 years old. We have had her since I was 2. She has been fight cancer for several years now, and we think she is at the end of her battle. We are going to miss her. She was very good about growling when the puppies got out of line. :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
Maddie and Betsy

PS. I think my ALT tags got off from the pictures so some of them might not have descriptions. I am kinda confused about what happened, but I don't have time to redo this post! Ask questions if you have any :). Sorry!