Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Betsy went to her first vet appointment last Tuesday, the 21st. She weighed in at 21.6lbs. She did great receiving her shot. I don;t think she even noticed. Everyone at the vet office loved her, of course!

Sorry for the horrible picture. The lighting wasn't very good in the room.

We were told some possibly bad news though. Her right bottom eyelid is rolling up and irritating her eye. The vet said if it hasn't healed itself by the time she goes in next month than we will have to think about surgery. The surgery would involve taking out part of her eyelid so that wasn't enough extra skin for it to roll. Has anyone heard of this happening?
Here's a better one of a very cute and curious puppy with a messed up eyelid.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Well I decided that it was going to be crazy if I made a new blog for every puppy I raise so I'm just going to use this one for all my puppies. I have imported all of Gabrina's blogs here, but I'm not deleting hers. I wrote on her fun things about my puppy report about her blog so I can't change it now. My new URL is

And I promise that there is an update coming soon! I've been working on it.


Next year I'm really hoping to do an internship for GDB. But that's not the point of this post. The reason I was posting real quick is to tell you that Erin has a blog about her summer internship.

Anyways, I promise that an update is coming soon. Betsy and I have been super busy getting ready for fair and the next two weeks I'll be doing fair things but then I'll do a nice long post. I promise!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Here are some pictures of Tim, Terence's brother, for Mandy. Tim is a little bit younger in these pictures but still cute!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Update Time!

I'm sure anyone out there could come up with quite a few excuses at to why there it no time to update with a 10 week old puppy. But sadly I probably couldn't use any of the excuses, I have just been lazy. Since I never truly introduced you to Betsy, I'll make lists of her good traits and her not-so-good traits.

Good (In no order) :
  • Betsy sleeps through the night. The first few days she would wake up at 6 and need to potty, but now she will sleep from 10pm to 10am!
  • Betsy only whines in her kennel when she honestly needs to go potty.
  • She has never whined while on tie down.
  • She knows her name and thanks enough.
  • She kinda knows sit, come, wait and okay.
  • She recognizes her "go to bed" mat.
  • She eats at a normal pace.
  • She hasn't had a lot of accidents in the house.
  • She LOVES to cuddle and be held.
  • She walks calmly on a leash..for a 11 week old puppy!
  • Betsy is very calm.
  • She plays well with other dogs...except she has poky puppy teeth so other dogs don't like playing with her.
  • She is content to play with her toys by herself.
  • Betsy watches TV. No joke. She will sit in front of the TV and stare at it for up to 10 minutes.
  • She responds well to tone of voice.
  • She LOVES her kennel!
  • She is very good at puppy handling.
  • She is good about relieving on concrete.

Not-So-Good (In no order) :
  • She is a "vacuum cleaner" meaning she walks with her nose to the ground eating everything she can find.
  • If she doesn't want to walk somewhere she will plant her butt and you have to pick her up to make her move.
  • She is HUGE!
  • If she gets to playing too much she will bark at her toys.
  • She chews on blankets and shoes.
  • She would rather play than learn commands. Hopefully this will change as she matures.
  • She wanders off on her own if you aren't watching and then you have to go find her. She won't come because she things it's a game. It's like hide-and-seek but opposite!
  • She's almost too lazy!
  • She doesn't give any kind of sign that she needs to go outside. She just goes.
  • She pees sitting down so you can't tell if she is going until there is a puddle.

That's about it. I must say that I'm very blessed to have such a cute and easy puppy. I'm sorry no pictures. I can't find my camera cord. Maybe tomorrow. And I will try to do a better post soon. I'm being a bad blogger.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


  • The puppy that accompanied Besty to Larimer County is Anthony. He was born on May 5, a week after Besty, and is half her size! He is such a cutie and loves to play. He is being raised by the Guys & Stacy & Alex. These are the same people that raised Gardner, Gabrina's brother, so we decided that our puppies can be cousins even though they aren't related.
  • Cabana's Raiser guessed Betsy name right! Good Job! :D
  • Betsy is one of the names that I had high on my list of names. I am very happy that I got such an easy name. Now when people ask me what her name is I won't have to repeat it or relate it to something!
  • I think I might have the easiest puppy ever. She probably should have went to a first time raiser.
  • I love the smell of puppy!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Beginning

I don't have the time to do a full detail post tonight, but trust me, there is lots to tell about this girl! Miss Betsy came off the truck as the 3rd puppy. She loves being held and cuddled. She is also fairly confident. She isn't as outgoing and Gabrina was but she doesn't appear to be shy. When we got home she slept for a few minutes went poop and potty and then slept in her kennel for 30 minutes! She is an angel. We haven't heard her whine or bark once. I'm really looking forward to training this girl! Oh and we were told that Betsy and her sister Bianca (possibly spelled wrong) were named after people who work at Guide Dogs and they might be on the blog! So keep your eyes open for Betsy!

Anyways here's what you want!

Welcoming my new puppy!

I know this is Gabrina's blog but I thought that I would let everyone know about my new puppy! I came home with a beautiful black lab puppy. She is super calm and hasn't whined or barked once. She also seems really smart so I'm very excited to start her training.
I will post later about giving Gabrina back but for now let's just say it wasn't easy.

So without further ado..




And be sure to follow her blog!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hello World!

This is Gabrina speaking. Mom says that this is my last chance to write to everyone, I'm not sure why but I better take advantage of it! I guess I'm going on some big truck tomorrow with my brothers. And my mom is bringing home some new dog! Can you believe it? She sends me away so she can get a new one!! But I'm sure it's only temporary and I'm going to have lots more fun than she will! Mom keeps saying all these names 'B' names. I have to say that Bella, Betsy, and Basil are my favorites.
Yesterday I got to go to a puppy meeting! Yippee! Everyone kept petting me and telling me to do a good job. I'm not sure what I'll be doing but of course I'll do a good job, I'm perfect! I was just so happy to see all my friends. I'm going to miss those guys.
Today I got to go to school again! Mom had some kind of meeting and I got to go! I slept under a desk like a good little girl. It was just like old times! And then we drove to lots of my favorite places, but instead of going inside we just took pictures! Can you believe it? And then we came home and took more pictures! I was so tired of being good! Finally I got to eat dinner. Mom said it's my last dinner at home. What is she talking about!?!?! Dinner is my favorite part of the day. And then we went on our last walk! Why don't I get to go on walks anymore?!? I don't want to leave. I'm going to miss my mom and family.
Well mom said we are going to sleep on the floor together tonight so I better go help her get ready! Goodbye all my blogger friends! I love you!

P.S. Oh I think mom is going to start a new blog and just update this one with me phases. (Whatever those are.) Because this MY blog and I don't want to share!

These pictures are a little out of order. But I'm adorable anyways!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fun Things About My Puppy

For those of you who have filled this out the 'Fun Things About My Puppy' form...

How do you fit everything onto the small form? Are you allowed to attach more pages or do you just squeeze as much as possible and leave it at that?


Puppy Assignment!

I finally have word of which cute little puppy I will be taking home on Friday.

And the result is...





Now it's time for the guesses. What names can you think of for 'B'. You only have 3 days so guess fast!

My names so far:

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Colorado Puppy Assignments

I have been anxiously waiting for the puppy assignments for the Colorado July puppies to be sent out. I am taking this puppy home in 9 days and would like to know something about this little guy/girl. We got an email yesterday saying that they had the original assignments but are now changing things. And I just found out that my leader is going out of town so I probably won't find out which puppy I'm getting until Tuesday. So I was wondering if any of you get the Colorado puppy assignments from your leader can you please tell me which puppies are coming to Larimer County?

Oh and I don't really need it, but does anyone want to forward me the phase report when it comes out?

Thanks so much!
Maddie and Gabrina