Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Betsy went to her first vet appointment last Tuesday, the 21st. She weighed in at 21.6lbs. She did great receiving her shot. I don;t think she even noticed. Everyone at the vet office loved her, of course!

Sorry for the horrible picture. The lighting wasn't very good in the room.

We were told some possibly bad news though. Her right bottom eyelid is rolling up and irritating her eye. The vet said if it hasn't healed itself by the time she goes in next month than we will have to think about surgery. The surgery would involve taking out part of her eyelid so that wasn't enough extra skin for it to roll. Has anyone heard of this happening?
Here's a better one of a very cute and curious puppy with a messed up eyelid.


Ally, Teddy and Kira said...

Good girl at the vet's!

I have heard of it, in fact GDB blogger pup "Paris" has entropy in both eyes and had surgery to correct it. It shouldn't affect her prospective future career at all unless of course it's incorrectable, although it usually is. Here's the link to Sarah's post involving Paris' eyes.

Emily and the Labradors said...

Agreed that although it could require surgery, it shouldn't have any long term effects on her. At least in the past it wasn't even considered a rule out for breeding. My second puppy had such severe entropion in both eyes that she had surgery when she was just 5 weeks old... the poor girl! She was still left intact through recall, and although she was not chosen as a breeder she is a very successful guide dog!

I saw Bianca last night, and she is just as cute as Betsy!

Sarah and the Pack. said...

My pup, Paris, had/had entropic eyelids in both eyes. She had surgery to correct it at 13 weeks, but unfortunately it has come back in her left eye, and she will need further surgery to correct it. I know at least one other littermate of hers also had to have the surgery. This time we will wait until she is ready for her spay to do the surgery, as the entropy is not adversely affecting her vision.

It is not a bad surgery, though they do have to stay on leash only walks and wear a cone 24/7 for two weeks. Hard with a baby pup!

Good luck, and hopefully it corrects itself!

Sarah, Paris, Millie, and Marley

Anonymous said...

Cute little girl!! I love that she and Vortex are half-siblings! I'll love watching her grow up...Vortex was a fabulous dog. Returned for IFT in June, and is now in phase 8.

Anna, Avani, and April said...

I would not worry at all - here is an article about entropion. I have seen several guide dog puppies who have had entropion and who needed one, two, three, or more surgeries to correct it - and they are now very successful dogs!!

Betsy is very adorable, and it looks like she's going to be a big girl :)

Miley said...

What a cute little puppy!!! What a great thing you are doing, love your blog and looking forward to following you!!!