Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lacey is beautiful

When I got back from taking Betsy on a walk I felt bad that Lacey couldn't go too, so we went out soaked up some sunshine in the yard.
looking up from underneath Lacey. You see her head with a tree truck, a house, and the blue sky in the background

close up of Lacey. She has something green in her mouth and had puppy wrinkles

Side view of lacey. She looks very serious. You can see her cute puppy face

Lacey sitting in front of a bush with white flowers.

For now, we must wait...

I got an email back from my CFR this morning. Here's what it said:

Since the list is tentative, then yes, maybe we can change the recall date. It really will depend on the number of intact vs altered dogs they need on that truck. I hope to know more in about 2 weeks and will give Betsy all the consideration I can to hold on to the next trip!
Thanks, Barb

So basically I still know nothing about when Betsy is going back. For now we are going to assume she is going back in a month and start doing all the last minute trips and pictures. 

Betsy sleeping with her head resting on a sage green pillow. She is curled up with her paws by her face

I'm definitely not ready to say goodbye to this pretty girl!

Maddie and Betsy and Lacey

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What's in a name: Betsy

Meaning: Consecrated to God
Origin: Israel
Alternate Origins: English Hebrew

GDB Betsy
Baker x Cuesta
Puppy in Training

"Pet" Betsy
Betsy Sue

Betsy laying on the ground rolling her big beautiful brown eyes up

Maddie and Betsy

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Meet Miss Lacey

I am watching Miss Lacey for the week. At first it was just because I wanted to see how Betsy would act with a young puppy in the house, but if she is going back in June, I won't have to worry about that.
Lacey is 12 weeks old and so sweet! She loves to play with Betsy, but is also great at sleeping. I'll try to get some cute pictures that show her little face before she goes back on Friday. :)

Betsy and 12 week old yellow lab Lacey laying by thr front door. They are looking outside through the screen and Betsy has her paw over Lacey's little paws

Betsy laying directly behind Lacey. Lacey's tail is on Betsy's face and Lacey is chewing on a bone

Betsy is laying on her side with a bone in her mouth. Lacey is standing on top of her with her paw on Betsy's face. Lacey is taking the bone from Betsy's mouth

Maddie and Betsy 

Just when I get my plans made

everything changes.
I just got an email from my CFR saying Betsy in now on the June recall!! Ahh! I would be not really okay with Betsy going back so early if it was any day but June 25th! That is right in the middle of me hosting a 4-H exchange student. During the week the exchange kids are here I am basically not here. We try to show them everything in Colorado in a very short week. So if Betsy went back on the June truck I will basically not get to see her at all during her last week with me. She will probably be with a sitter most of the week because the days are so busy and I want to focus on hosting my guests, not making sure Betsy isn't getting overwhelmed.
After I got the email I replied to my club leader and CFR asking if there was anyway Betsy could go back on the next truck. So now it is all a waiting game. I know my CFR is understanding and will try to change Betsy's recall date if she can, but if GDB wants Betsy back, they want her back.
So for now, we must wait...

Maddie and Betsy

Monday, May 24, 2010

Puppy Sitters

This past weekend Betsy stayed with Stacie and Alex during my brothers graduation. 
Betsy sitting on the deck with the backyard and lake in the background. She has her mouth slightly open.

While she was there they got a surprise visit from Eve, who went into heat unexpectedly. Betsy must have had a lot of fun running with Eve, she was exhausted when she got home. 
Betsy and yellow lab Eve standing by an unfinished crib

Stacie and Alex are expecting there first child in a few months, so Betsy and Eve helped set up the crib. :)

Thanks again for the help!
Maddie and Betsy 

My Future Puppy

The debate on when to get puppy #3 is still underway. Right now it looks like June is basically out of the picture. I will still be way too busy. I am looking at possibly getting a transfer puppy in June, or having someone help me with Betsy and puppy #3. I think I am just going to wait until Betsy goes back to get a new puppy. It will make my summer much easier. I will just have to convince my counselor to plan my class schedule around caring for a puppy. My brother will be living at home for college, so he can help too. My mom only works half time, making her available for puppy watching. And if need be, there are plenty of puppy sitters than live within 20 minutes of my house.

But of course, plans are always changing. If my leader says they need PRs for June, I'll still gladly take a new puppy. So I guess the point of this post was to say...I still don't know when I'll get a new puppy. It will probably be a last minute decision.

Any advice on overlapping puppies would be great!

And with that..this is what I want my future pup to look like :)
a black and a yellow lab puppies looking down at a bone. They are both chubby and adorable!
Cute huh?

Maddie and Betsy 

Friday, May 14, 2010


Today I left Betsy unkenneled for the second time. The first time didn't go so great, but this time I made sure all the bedroom doors were closed so there was basically nothing for her to get into. My mom was supposed to be home an hour after I left, but her plans got changed for her. Betsy ended up being unkenneled for 4 hours! She did awesome :)

I am hoping to have a post with updated pictures soon. I have been busy with finals and the end of school. One more week!!

Betsy at about 4 months old tangled up in a cord. In the back you see the vacuum laying in its side and the cord leading up to Betsy. She is looking at the camera with a very innocent face
For is baby Betsy being mischievous.

Maddie and Betsy