Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy Birthday

As you already know today is Betsy's birthday. I was really excited that I got today off of school and I was going to be able to spend all day doing things Betsy loves, but then I got sick. So instead of doing fun things we slept all day and took some pictures. So much for a fun day off of school!
For her birthday, Betsy got a new bone and a new rope for her jolly ball. I am planing on getting her more late birthday presents after Colorado's GDB regional meeting on May 8th. The toys are really cheap there.
Betsy laying on the floor looking up at the camera with her big brown puppy eyes

Betsy sitting with a birthday hat on her head. She looks very embarrassed.

Betsy chewing on her new bone

Betsy staring at her Jolly Ball waiting for the

Sorry for the poor picture quatliy, my camera decided to die so I'm stuck using my super old camera until I can get a new one. 

Maddie and Betsy(: 

.......:) [By Betsy]

Hellooo Everyone!

Guess what today is!?! It's MY birthday! That's right, a whole day to celebrate me. Can you believe it? I'm a whole 1 year old! On my special day I am going to eat kibble, play with my toys, play "go to bed", go for a walk at the park, and maybe go to the store for a little bit, then I will eat again and sleep sleep sleep. You know what the best part of today is? My momma doesn't have school today. That means she gets to spend all day with me!! I didn't have to get up early and work or anything. It's gunna be a great day.

Bye Bye for now. I'll tell momma to post my 1 year pictures later today!

Miss Betsy and her mom

Saturday, April 24, 2010

say hello to Miss January :)

Besty sitting with a completely white snowy background. She has snow on her left side of her nose. She is looking up at the camera with perfect puppy eyes. And she is wearing her vest with GUIDE DOG PUPPY clearly displayed on the front
My beautiful baby girl was picked to be Miss January in the 2011 GDB Calendar.

I'm kinda surprised they chose this picture, I think he vest looks kinda funky, but what can I say...her eyes could steal anyones heart!

Maddie and Betsy

---Monday she is officially allowed back in public and she couldn't be happier. Hopefully I will have more exciting things to post about then!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

and the countdown begins...

1 more week. 7 more days. 168 more hours. 10080 more minutes. 604800 more seconds.

Until Betsy is officially out of heat!

It's been nice having a break from taking her out with me, but it's been more of a pain having both of us stuck at home. Betsy is getting sick of being stuck in her kennel all day. When she wasn't in her kennel very often I started using it to hold some clothes. Now that she is in her kennel for several hours a day she has decided that pulling my clothes into her kennel through the holes and laying on them is fun. I had to clean off her kennel and have started putting lots of toys in with her during the day. Poor girl just wants to get out and have some fun. I tried leaving her loose for two hours and well, we'll just go with she didn't pass. She got into my school bag and pulled out a book and proceeded to shred it. I guess she has a thing against homework.

Maddie and Betsy (waiting for the week to be over!)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

bad, Bad, BAd, BAD BLOGGER!!!!

Holy cow! Where did the past month and a half go? It feels like I just updated. Until like looked at the little thing that tells me when I last posted. February 17! Yikes! Sorry guys!
But as most puppy raisers know, no news is good news! There isn't anything exciting going on here. Betsy went into season a week ago. So she is on house arrest for 3 more weeks. She doesn't like that idea, but she's dealing. I'm just glad she isn't a high energy dog. I would hate trying to wear her out without being able to take her out of the backyard. A game of tug or session of obedience is plenty of exercise in her book. Of course she misses her nightly walks, but they will be back before she knows it!
A side view of Betsy. She is in her puppy coat. The grass is fairly green and the sun in shinning

In other news, Betsy isn't on the recall list for May 9th or June 25th. Which comes as a relief to me...kinda. May 9th is the week before finals so I would hate to be adjusting to a new puppy! And June 25th I will have a girl from Texas here for 4-H exchange. The only bad thing about not getting a new puppy then is that now I don't know when I will get one! If there isn't a puppy truck in the beginning of July I might be in trouble. My puppy has to be able to stay in its kennel for 2.5 hours before school starts. I don't like to kennel them this long until they are at least 3.5 months old! Even though my leader says a 2 month old puppy should be fine in their kennel for 4 hours...I just think that's too long. I might be recruiting help from my puppy club for the first month or so of school if there isn't a early July puppy truck.
Betsy and I are laying in the grass. I am laying almost on top of her with my arms wrapped around her chest. She is wearing her puppy coat and looking at the camera

Betsy continues to be a great puppy. She basically has no issues and it just an easy going puppy. I'm glad I get to keep her through a good part of summer :)
Betsy is play bowing in 10 inches of snow!

In non guide dog news...I turned 16 last Thursday and got my license. That's been fun! :) 

That's about all the news I have for now. I'll try really hard to update more often, but no promises. 

Happy Easer,
Maddie and Betsy

PS those pictures were taken one day apart. We went from 75 degree weather to 10 inches of snow.!