Wednesday, April 28, 2010

.......:) [By Betsy]

Hellooo Everyone!

Guess what today is!?! It's MY birthday! That's right, a whole day to celebrate me. Can you believe it? I'm a whole 1 year old! On my special day I am going to eat kibble, play with my toys, play "go to bed", go for a walk at the park, and maybe go to the store for a little bit, then I will eat again and sleep sleep sleep. You know what the best part of today is? My momma doesn't have school today. That means she gets to spend all day with me!! I didn't have to get up early and work or anything. It's gunna be a great day.

Bye Bye for now. I'll tell momma to post my 1 year pictures later today!

Miss Betsy and her mom


GDB Puppy Sitter :) said...

Happy Birthday Betsy! Hope you have a wonderful day. :)

Alphini's Puppy Raiser said...

Happy Birthday to you, Betsy! Have a wonderful day!

Heather and Ellie said...

Happy birthday, Besty! Can't wait to see some photos of you.