Thursday, July 29, 2010

Busy Bees...

Betsy and I continue to be busy bees! We are always going from one event to the next. These past few days have made me realize that Betsy might really have what it takes to be a guide. As long as I don't drag her on really long outings she is happy. I have also learned she is opposite of a normal "tired dog is a good dog" dog. If she is tired she completely shuts down on outings. So I have to make sure she has had a good nap before I take her out. I feel bad that it took me this long to realize that she was shutting down on outings because she would get tired, not because she didn't like it. I am hoping that she will have enough energy for GDB to be able to use her. I know they like calm dogs, but sometimes she is a little too calm!

Betsy laying her head on my leg while I lay my head on her back/thigh area. We are both sleeping
You lean on me and I'll lean right back on you

Betsy and I on the floor together. Betsy is laying in my lap sound asleep
4-H meeting...working hard or hardly working?

Betsy looks up at the camera while we hike
On a hike!

Jorinda continues to grow like a weed. We were at the vet on Tuesday and she weighs 26.8lbs. Unfortuntly she still has a UTI. This is the last round of antibiotics they said they would give her before she is given a culture. She is already up to $240 on vet bills! She has been on some expensive medications. I am having trouble getting a hold of GDB to get her approved to go over the $250 limits. At the minimum she has two more shots (DW2PP and Rabies) and another UTI analysis. I have called and left two messages at the GDB vet office, but I still haven't heard anything back. I know they are busy with getting ready for Fun Day, but I really need to get approved! Any advice?

Jorinda looking at the camera with her head tilted. It is a close up of her big ears, big eyes, and little black nose!

In other news, I really really really need a puppy sitter for Jorinda from August 6th to the 10th! In my club most of our puppy sitters are college students, so none of them are around in the summer! If any of you GDB readers out there are in the Larimer County Colorado area and want to watch Jorinda, please let me know! shoots4life (@) yahoo (.) com

Jorinda looks up at the camera while we are on a walk
You know you wanna watch me!

Maddie, Betsy, and Jojo

Review Coming Soon

I have been asked to do a review of a product from CSN stores. CSN is all online stores that have everything from dining room furniture to dog toys to crates/bed to fire places. They even have super cute shoes! Their prices on dog toys are amazing. Almost all of them are close to 50% off! For GDB puppy raisers they have Kongs for great, low prices! A lot of the products come with free shipping too! If you ask me, you can't beat sale items and free shipping!

I am so excited to pick out an item to review. I am thinking maybe some dog toys or a bed or a bag that I can use to carry around toys, clean up kits, ect on outings.

Be sure to keep an eye out for my review post!

Maddie, Betsy, and Jorinda

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Perfect Angels!

Jorinda and Betsy continue to be joys to raise! They both love each other so much.
Betsy and Jorinda splashing in the blue kiddy pool together

A close up of Betsy and Jorinda's faces in front of a green bush thing

Betsy and Jorinda in front of a light brown fence. Betsy is sitting directly behind Jojo

Betsy laying on the floor of the car with her head resting on the hump part in the middle. Jorinda is laying on top of Betsy with her front legs wrapped around Betsy's shoulders and her head resting on top of Betsy's head
This is how they rode in the car. Betsy is so tolerant!

Betsy and Jorinda in front of orange and yellow flowers. They are both wearing their vests and are panting. Betsy is laying down with Jojo sitting in front of her

A close up of Betsy and Jorinda in front of the fence

Jorinda is such a smart and sweet puppy. She never barks in her kennel anymore, and rarely barks out of her kennel. She never chews on anything she's not supposed to and she is completely potty trained! She has been for almost two weeks now she almost always goes to the door when she needs out, but I keep an eye on the time too, just in case she forgets to tell me! The only problem is that she has had a UTI for two weeks now. She just finished her antibiotics and has a vet appointment on Tuesday to see if it is all cleared up. We can't give her any shots until she is off antibiotics, so I am hoping it is all cleared up! She should have gotten her 12 week shots a week ago; now we have to wait until she is 17 weeks to give her 16 week shots. That adds another week until she can go in public! Bummer!

Jorinda laying on carpet in vest. She has big droopy eyes

Jorinda sleeping on the carpet in her vest

Jorinda sitting in front of orange and yellow flowers with her vest on. She is panting

Betsy is such a great older sister. She lets Jorinda crawl all over her and chew on her ears. Her jealousy is improving! She is getting much better at sharing her toys and kennel and food dish and mom, ect with Jorinda. The recall list still isn't out for August, but it's pretty safe to say she will be going back on August 13th. Unless I can convince them to give me until the next truck! I love this dog so much!

Betsy with an orange tiger lilly flower in her collar. She had orange pollen from the flower in her hair

Betsy in front of yellow, pink, and white flowers. She is wearing her vest.

Maddie, Betsy, and Jorinda

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Megan is doing another green leash giveaway! Her blog is great! She is raising Picassa right now and she just adopted CC'd Paris! These leashes are service dog type leashes and braided for extra strength. Also, they can adjust to two different lengths. I hope I win this time!

Don't they look great? And, she'll even make one for you in other colors. So, go check it out!!

Maddie, Betsy, and Jorinda 

PS I have tried to post 2 different updates, but every time I press publish it loses my post. It doesn't save in drafts or publish, it just disappears. I'm sure this one will post just fine though...because it doesn't really matter. Ugh! Silly Blogger!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

We survived the 1st week!

Jojo standing in the grass looking at the camera with her head cocked. She has little triangle ears, short stocky legs, and a chubby little belly!
Jorinda is such a good puppy! She is so smart and such a sweetheart! She already knows her name and understands but occasionally chooses not to listen to sit, come, okay, wait, let's go, that's enough and DYB. Every time I take her outside she tries to go potty. We are still working on her giving me a sign that she needs out. She sleeps from 11pm to 9am. A perfect summer schedule if you ask me!
Jorinda pulling on Betsy's dragline. Betsy is holding a bone.
Jorinda loves to pull Betsy around by holding on to her dragline! I told you she was smart! 
Now we all know that every puppy can't be perfect! She is such a barker! If she is upset she whines and barks. Her separation anxiety is horrible...leading to horrible crate behavior. She will sleep in her crate when she is tired, but the second she wakes up it's bark, bark, bark! Today we went on a car ride and she whined the entire time. Even though Betsy and my brother were in the backseat with her. She just sat on the floor by Betsy and whined. Little Jojo is also a big chewer! She will chew on anything and everything. Luckily she hasn't completely destroyed anything yet, but my new flip flops now have little dots! Other than those two things, she truly is an angel!

Jorinda standing on the sidewalk. She is looking back at the camera. You can see her entire body

Betsy was less than trilled when I first brought Jorinda home. She would pounce on Jojo and push her to the ground constantly! Now they play really nice together. And even though they wouldn't admit it, they secretly love each other!

Betsy is stretched out and Jorinda is resting her head on Betsy's stomach. They are both alseep

Betsy and Jorinda sleeping together on the dog bed

We do have one little problem. Jorinda thinks she can nurse on Betsy! And Betsy just stands there and lets her. Any advice, besides collar corrections, to make her stop?
Betsy standing up, Jorinda is sitting and nursing on Betsy

Maddie, Betsy, and Jorinda

Close up of Jorinda's sleeping face. She has lots of wrinkles!