Saturday, July 24, 2010

Perfect Angels!

Jorinda and Betsy continue to be joys to raise! They both love each other so much.
Betsy and Jorinda splashing in the blue kiddy pool together

A close up of Betsy and Jorinda's faces in front of a green bush thing

Betsy and Jorinda in front of a light brown fence. Betsy is sitting directly behind Jojo

Betsy laying on the floor of the car with her head resting on the hump part in the middle. Jorinda is laying on top of Betsy with her front legs wrapped around Betsy's shoulders and her head resting on top of Betsy's head
This is how they rode in the car. Betsy is so tolerant!

Betsy and Jorinda in front of orange and yellow flowers. They are both wearing their vests and are panting. Betsy is laying down with Jojo sitting in front of her

A close up of Betsy and Jorinda in front of the fence

Jorinda is such a smart and sweet puppy. She never barks in her kennel anymore, and rarely barks out of her kennel. She never chews on anything she's not supposed to and she is completely potty trained! She has been for almost two weeks now she almost always goes to the door when she needs out, but I keep an eye on the time too, just in case she forgets to tell me! The only problem is that she has had a UTI for two weeks now. She just finished her antibiotics and has a vet appointment on Tuesday to see if it is all cleared up. We can't give her any shots until she is off antibiotics, so I am hoping it is all cleared up! She should have gotten her 12 week shots a week ago; now we have to wait until she is 17 weeks to give her 16 week shots. That adds another week until she can go in public! Bummer!

Jorinda laying on carpet in vest. She has big droopy eyes

Jorinda sleeping on the carpet in her vest

Jorinda sitting in front of orange and yellow flowers with her vest on. She is panting

Betsy is such a great older sister. She lets Jorinda crawl all over her and chew on her ears. Her jealousy is improving! She is getting much better at sharing her toys and kennel and food dish and mom, ect with Jorinda. The recall list still isn't out for August, but it's pretty safe to say she will be going back on August 13th. Unless I can convince them to give me until the next truck! I love this dog so much!

Betsy with an orange tiger lilly flower in her collar. She had orange pollen from the flower in her hair

Betsy in front of yellow, pink, and white flowers. She is wearing her vest.

Maddie, Betsy, and Jorinda


GDB Puppy Sitter :) said...

I adore the picture of Jorinda getting a piggy back ride on Betsy in the car. :)

I think you should submit the two of them in front of the flowers smiling to GDB for the calendar. That is an awesome picture!

Heather and Ellie said...

Jorinda is a sweetie :)

Sad news about Betsy leaving, but she looks like a big girl now....ready for the next step!

Elijah and Dembre said...

You have some very cute pictures. Jorinda has an adorable little face, though she looks like she's growing a lot.

Raiser Erin said...

We're waiting for the Recall list to come out as well. Winston might be on the list for August, but they aren't releasing the list until 10 days before hand. :( By the way, the picture is finished and I'm picking it up Wednesday. :) Betsy and Jorinda are so adorable.

Stacie said...

What great pictures! How did you get a vest for Jorinda already? I would love to have one for Vigo just for pictures.

Lauren and Don said...

I just love that picture of the two of them smiling- you should submit for the calendar! It's hard to get two dogs to look at the camera :) Looks like she's doing a lot of growing. She has such pretty golden coloring. That's great that they like each other so much!!