Thursday, July 29, 2010

Busy Bees...

Betsy and I continue to be busy bees! We are always going from one event to the next. These past few days have made me realize that Betsy might really have what it takes to be a guide. As long as I don't drag her on really long outings she is happy. I have also learned she is opposite of a normal "tired dog is a good dog" dog. If she is tired she completely shuts down on outings. So I have to make sure she has had a good nap before I take her out. I feel bad that it took me this long to realize that she was shutting down on outings because she would get tired, not because she didn't like it. I am hoping that she will have enough energy for GDB to be able to use her. I know they like calm dogs, but sometimes she is a little too calm!

Betsy laying her head on my leg while I lay my head on her back/thigh area. We are both sleeping
You lean on me and I'll lean right back on you

Betsy and I on the floor together. Betsy is laying in my lap sound asleep
4-H meeting...working hard or hardly working?

Betsy looks up at the camera while we hike
On a hike!

Jorinda continues to grow like a weed. We were at the vet on Tuesday and she weighs 26.8lbs. Unfortuntly she still has a UTI. This is the last round of antibiotics they said they would give her before she is given a culture. She is already up to $240 on vet bills! She has been on some expensive medications. I am having trouble getting a hold of GDB to get her approved to go over the $250 limits. At the minimum she has two more shots (DW2PP and Rabies) and another UTI analysis. I have called and left two messages at the GDB vet office, but I still haven't heard anything back. I know they are busy with getting ready for Fun Day, but I really need to get approved! Any advice?

Jorinda looking at the camera with her head tilted. It is a close up of her big ears, big eyes, and little black nose!

In other news, I really really really need a puppy sitter for Jorinda from August 6th to the 10th! In my club most of our puppy sitters are college students, so none of them are around in the summer! If any of you GDB readers out there are in the Larimer County Colorado area and want to watch Jorinda, please let me know! shoots4life (@) yahoo (.) com

Jorinda looks up at the camera while we are on a walk
You know you wanna watch me!

Maddie, Betsy, and Jojo


Coreena said...

Aww your girls are so cute!

About the vet bills, when I had Loden, he too went quickly through his allowance. Have you talked to your CFR about needing to know? They can usually get things done and approved far quicker then raisers *wink*

UTIs are no fun in puppies, especially little puppies. I hope it is simply a bad UTI and nothing worse.

Raiser Erin said...

I would absolutely LOVE to watch Jorinda, but she would have to travel a lot to get here. :)

I'm pretty sure that they'll approve the higher vet allowance. They really care about their dogs and when something's really wrong they'll do anything. That rule is just there to make sure no vets are trying to push something on the dogs that they really don't need. (I know, I hate to admit that it happens, but it does.) Talk to your leader or CFR, they can get things done. Freya had a bladder infection and an ear infection all within the first month of me having her and she had to have some medication for both that cost a lot plus the shots and everything. They were fine with it since she needed it, but my leader got things done a lot quicker than I ever could.

Hope this helps! I picked up the picture yesterday. It's amazing. I think Betsy is one of the best Meghan has done. I'm going to try and figure out how to get it to you because it's on a giant piece of paper. :)

Maddie, Betsy, and Jorinda said...

I wish you could watch Jorinda! But I think the travel bills would be a little much ;)

I'm not worried about GDB approving it, I'm just worried about getting a hold of them. I am going to call my CFR tomorrow and hopefully get things cleared up. My leader said he approves of everything that is going on, he just wants me to make sure GDB knows that everything happening is necessary.

I am so excited to get my picture! :)

Rudy - The dog with a blog said...

Such sweet pictures, looks like you guys are having fun!