Saturday, June 27, 2009


The last few days I have been going through my pictures of Gabrina. I realized that I have a ton of her at home playing, but not a lot of her in public. So yesterday we took a trip to the local sculpture park. Gabrina has never liked taking posed pictures, but I got a few keepers! And maybe a few that are calender worthy? Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Of course we had to go to the store first (1)
The Columbine is Colorado's state flower. (5)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Red, blue, green, yellow eyes!?!?!

I have a lot of trouble getting pictures when Gabrina's eyes aren't glowing blue, green, or yellow. And when I try to edit it out I make things worse. So how to do keep your dogs' eyes from glowing in pictures?

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Hey All!
It's Gabrina here! Mom has been so busy she hasn't had time to update on what I'm doing so I thought I would do it myself.

Last week people came to visit me! Mom said these were our friends from Indiana and I had to be on my best behavior. She said they were kids from the 4H Exchange program and that we were going to have a busy week. But I was still in heat so I didn't get to go anywhere for the first part of the week :[.

They got here on Tuesday the 9th. Mom left super early in the morning and I was stuck at home with my Uncle Owen. But then late at night mom brought home two kids! Yay friends! And let me tell you, I did a great job warming up their beds on the floor and sniffing their clothes.

On Wednesday Mom left again! She shoved me in that crate and said she would be back in a few hours. Well I waited super patiently and soon my dad came home and let me run around. Boy oh boy was I happy to get out of that kennel. I got dinner! But then Dad said he had to leave so back in the crate. Finally mom got home and we played a little bit but then she said it was late and we had to go to back in the kennel again!

On Thursday I got to stay out of my kennel all day. I was so happy!

On Friday mom and her friends stayed home in the morning with me. Good thing I was starting to get worried about her. But then in the afternoon she shoved me back in the kennel and left. I don't think I like having these Indiana people here. They make mom put me in me kennel way to much! **Editors note: Gabrina was in her kennel for a maximum of 5 hours each day.**

On Saturday I got to go hiking! Yay! It was so much fun even though it was super hot outside! Mom said I my 28 days of house arrest were up and I was allowed to go places again! Yippee!

On Sunday I got to go to the top of Pikes Peak. It was super cold up there! And then I went to the Trail Dust for dinner. There were lots of little kids running around but I laid under my mom's chair like a good little girl.

On Monday I got to go to my brothers house all day! Yahoo! We had so much fun together! When mom came to get me I fell asleep on the 5 minute car ride home.

On Tuesday I had to say goodbye to all my friends from Indiana. I pretended to be sad, but I'm kinda happy they are gone. Now I get my mom all to my self! Yay!

The next few days were pretty boring. But on Sunday I got to go shopping all day! We went to Walmart and Bestbuy and Kohls and King Soopers and best of all....PETSMART! Mom said we were buying my last bag of dog food and as much as I wanted a toy mom said I have way to many at home. Oh well, while we were there I got to meet a working service dog. I statyed super calm even when the other puppy got pretty excited. Mom was very proud of me.

Now it's time for PICTURES! They are out of order but here they are! Mom didn't have time to take too many pictures!

Wow it feels so much cooler with that vest off! (Hiking the Devils Backbone!)

Going to dinner

That hike tired me out pretty quick.

Pikes Peak!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Crazy Weeks

Well as most of you know, summers can get pretty crazy. I haven't had time to post an update, but be looking for something in the next few days.

Just a quick note..
Gabrina recall date has been moved up to July 10 instead of the 12. Only 3 more weeks.
And Garbina is officially allowed to go back in public! Yay.

Friday, June 5, 2009

What's in a name...


When I got Gabrina I had a lot of trouble remembering her name. I had to look at the papers quite a few times before I finally remembered it.

When people ask what her name is, they usually don't hear it right. She has been called anything from Kabrina to Sabrina to Katrina to Mabeana. Sometimes I think people are expecting an easy name so when I say Gabrina they are taken by suprise. There aren't a lot of things I can relate her name to so I tell people it's like Sabrina but with a 'G'. Then I usually go onto explain that I didn't get to choose her name. And that at Guide Dogs none of the dogs have the same name so there are some very unique names.


Its source is Gavriela, a Hebrew name meaning "Hero of God." My baby is a hero of God who is going to be a huge hero to someone someday.


Gabrina Louise
Gabrina Anne

Garbina Anne Louise


Bina (Beana)


Baby B

Bina Boo

Princess Buttercup




Dorkable (dork and adorable)


Missy Poo


Big Girl

Knuckle Head

Baby Girl


Cutie Pie


Beautiful Baby

And she answers to almost all of those!


Gardner:Its source is an English expression, "Gardiner." A Gardner.
Gilligan: Its source is a Gaelic expression meaning "Small boy."
Garth: Its source is gwared, a Welsh name meaning "Harmless."

Gilly: Its source is a Latin expression meaning "Jove's descendant."

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"In season" questions...

Now that Gabrina has went into heat, I have a few questions. Hopefully you guys can answer them for me since I won't be meeting with my club leader until July!

1. Gabrina has been acting really weird lately. I know that most of this is her hormones, but there is one behavior I'm very concerned about. She has been needing to go potty way more than usual. She will get to the point that she can't make it to the door to go outside and she will have accidents in the house. She is very well potty trained and I know she feels guilty about this happening. Is her need to "go" just because she is in heat, or should I call my leader? Also, what kind of "weird" things did your puppy do when they were in season?
Gabrina has been drinking more water which has lead to more relieving. I need to change my question to...Is drinking more water while in heat normal? And is less bladder control normal?

2. Gabrina is a fairly active dog who doesn't like to be left at home. Now that she is on house arrest she has been so hyper. I can't take her on walks because I have at least two neighbors' that have unneutered dogs that are constantly getting out. And when I let her run in the backyard our neighbor's unneutered dog barks at her the whole time and she just runs over to the fence and sniffs at him. When I try to play tug with her she gets bored and she has never been a fan of hide and seek. Normally she gets her excersise from going on outings and walks. So, when your dog is in heat what do you do to excersise her?

Thanks so much,
Maddie and Gabrina