Friday, June 5, 2009

What's in a name...


When I got Gabrina I had a lot of trouble remembering her name. I had to look at the papers quite a few times before I finally remembered it.

When people ask what her name is, they usually don't hear it right. She has been called anything from Kabrina to Sabrina to Katrina to Mabeana. Sometimes I think people are expecting an easy name so when I say Gabrina they are taken by suprise. There aren't a lot of things I can relate her name to so I tell people it's like Sabrina but with a 'G'. Then I usually go onto explain that I didn't get to choose her name. And that at Guide Dogs none of the dogs have the same name so there are some very unique names.


Its source is Gavriela, a Hebrew name meaning "Hero of God." My baby is a hero of God who is going to be a huge hero to someone someday.


Gabrina Louise
Gabrina Anne

Garbina Anne Louise


Bina (Beana)


Baby B

Bina Boo

Princess Buttercup




Dorkable (dork and adorable)


Missy Poo


Big Girl

Knuckle Head

Baby Girl


Cutie Pie


Beautiful Baby

And she answers to almost all of those!


Gardner:Its source is an English expression, "Gardiner." A Gardner.
Gilligan: Its source is a Gaelic expression meaning "Small boy."
Garth: Its source is gwared, a Welsh name meaning "Harmless."

Gilly: Its source is a Latin expression meaning "Jove's descendant."


Cabana's Puppy Raiser said...

The same thing happens to me with Cabana. Everyone thinks I'm saying Savannah. Sometimes, I'll say her name is Cabana, as in the Barry Manilow song, Copa Cabana. That helps people hear me more correctly.

Tabatha and Eclipse said...

I had a Gilligan from GDB =) He was cc'd for Alert barking though.

Madison and Butler said...

When I had Andros..I called him Andi and this old lady one time thought I said Sandy. She called him that for the rest of his time with me!

Penelope said...

Everybody always thought it strange when I said Penelope's name because it's so long and they couldn't understand why we couldn't shorten it to Penny--and now that I have Brianna they still think it's weird because that's my name too! LOL but I go by a nickname most of the time.