Sunday, April 18, 2010

and the countdown begins...

1 more week. 7 more days. 168 more hours. 10080 more minutes. 604800 more seconds.

Until Betsy is officially out of heat!

It's been nice having a break from taking her out with me, but it's been more of a pain having both of us stuck at home. Betsy is getting sick of being stuck in her kennel all day. When she wasn't in her kennel very often I started using it to hold some clothes. Now that she is in her kennel for several hours a day she has decided that pulling my clothes into her kennel through the holes and laying on them is fun. I had to clean off her kennel and have started putting lots of toys in with her during the day. Poor girl just wants to get out and have some fun. I tried leaving her loose for two hours and well, we'll just go with she didn't pass. She got into my school bag and pulled out a book and proceeded to shred it. I guess she has a thing against homework.

Maddie and Betsy (waiting for the week to be over!)

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Alphini's Puppy Raiser said...

Poor Betsy, poor you! Hope the time goes by fast!