Sunday, July 19, 2009

Update Time!

I'm sure anyone out there could come up with quite a few excuses at to why there it no time to update with a 10 week old puppy. But sadly I probably couldn't use any of the excuses, I have just been lazy. Since I never truly introduced you to Betsy, I'll make lists of her good traits and her not-so-good traits.

Good (In no order) :
  • Betsy sleeps through the night. The first few days she would wake up at 6 and need to potty, but now she will sleep from 10pm to 10am!
  • Betsy only whines in her kennel when she honestly needs to go potty.
  • She has never whined while on tie down.
  • She knows her name and thanks enough.
  • She kinda knows sit, come, wait and okay.
  • She recognizes her "go to bed" mat.
  • She eats at a normal pace.
  • She hasn't had a lot of accidents in the house.
  • She LOVES to cuddle and be held.
  • She walks calmly on a leash..for a 11 week old puppy!
  • Betsy is very calm.
  • She plays well with other dogs...except she has poky puppy teeth so other dogs don't like playing with her.
  • She is content to play with her toys by herself.
  • Betsy watches TV. No joke. She will sit in front of the TV and stare at it for up to 10 minutes.
  • She responds well to tone of voice.
  • She LOVES her kennel!
  • She is very good at puppy handling.
  • She is good about relieving on concrete.

Not-So-Good (In no order) :
  • She is a "vacuum cleaner" meaning she walks with her nose to the ground eating everything she can find.
  • If she doesn't want to walk somewhere she will plant her butt and you have to pick her up to make her move.
  • She is HUGE!
  • If she gets to playing too much she will bark at her toys.
  • She chews on blankets and shoes.
  • She would rather play than learn commands. Hopefully this will change as she matures.
  • She wanders off on her own if you aren't watching and then you have to go find her. She won't come because she things it's a game. It's like hide-and-seek but opposite!
  • She's almost too lazy!
  • She doesn't give any kind of sign that she needs to go outside. She just goes.
  • She pees sitting down so you can't tell if she is going until there is a puddle.

That's about it. I must say that I'm very blessed to have such a cute and easy puppy. I'm sorry no pictures. I can't find my camera cord. Maybe tomorrow. And I will try to do a better post soon. I'm being a bad blogger.


Elizabeth and Peyton said...

Wow, she sounds excellent for being 10 weeks old! I hope she grows to love learning commands. :)

Rebecca, Ely,Sherman, and Rocky said...

Rocky and Betsy sound like they have a lot in common. Rocky would still like to be carried around instead of walking but he is getting a little too big. He is also very calm and also loves to go potty on concrete which is a first out of my puppies. She sounds like she is a super sweet puppy!