Monday, June 28, 2010

Meet Jorinda!

It's pronounced Jo-rin-da. The rin part is r-in. I will probably call her Jojo, Joree, or Jordee. But mainly she is called Jorinda. My CFR said she needs to learn her name, but she can also go by a nickname. I figure she should learn her real name first, and only learn one name at a time so she doesn't get too confused. 

I am holdin Jorinda in front of the puppy truck. She is a caramel colored. Her face is darker than the rest of her body

Jorinda's face is all wrinkled up while she rests her head on a toy

Her parents are Jay x Dorinda, so she is named after her momma. 
Birthday: 4/27/10
BLM Jersey Aurora

BLM Joe Salt Lake
YLM Joshua Salt Lake
BLF Jakota Cache UT
BLF Joliet Aurora
YLF Jorinda Larimer
YLF June Montezuma 
YLF Jodianne Boulder

She is the right hip female. Anyone know what that means?

Maddie, Betsy, and Jorinda 


Alphini's Puppy Raiser said...

Welcome Jorinda!

Mitch, Meade, and Julimae said...

I know that right hip female means she is bigger than Julimae, who is the double hip female which means she is the sixth smallest girl in the litter. If that helps.

Amanda said...

I'm not sure I understand the shave marks correctly. I think this is right though.

The males in a litter are shaved first. They don't matter in your case though since the shaving starts all over with females.

The black females are shaved in weight order from heaviest to lightest. Then the yellow females are shaved in the same order.

The right hip is used for the third shave. The two black females would have been shaved first. Then Jorinda was shaved. What does that mean? Basically, you know that she was the heaviest yellow female. There is no way to tell if she was heavier or lighter than the black females or any of the males.

Does that make sense? To recap, because of the numbers of pups in the litter, all you know is that she was the heaviest yellow female.

Congrats on your arrival. Julimae is in my club. It will be fun to read your blog and keep track of the sisters growing up together.

Brittany said...

She is adorable!

Katlynn and Ryder said...

Congrats on puppy #3!! She is really cute, it is that time again for me where I have a few months left with my current puppy than I get a new puppy!

Elijah and Dembre said...

How exciting! CCI doesn't have a puppy truck, but since GDB only has one training center that works pretty well!
Elijah and Dembre!

Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

Congrats!!! She's adorable.

Anonymous said...

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