Monday, August 16, 2010

The Big Goodbye

Friday was the big day, recall day. It wasn't as bad as I expected it to be. Sure I cried plenty that morning, and on the car ride down, but I didn't cry when I loaded her up. Betsy is a dog who really sets her mood off of other emotions, especially my emotions. I knew if I put her on the truck crying, she would be nervous the entire ride. So I put on my big girl pants and put her on with a smile on my face.

Maddie and Betsy walking up the steps into the puppy truck

The truck driver told me that, Betsy (human), the lady Betsy (puppy) was named after, was so excited she was being recalled. Betsy (human) told Joe, the puppy truck guy, to assure me that she would give Betsy (puppy) a little TLC :). Betsy (human) is a kennel welfare technician (I think) and was the lady in Gabrina's kennel. I got to meet her when I was out in California for Gabrina's graduation. I know Betsy (human) will take great care of my Betsy (puppy)! Confused much?

Maddie talking to the puppy truck guy while Betsy sits by her left side. Betsy is staring off into space

Betsy was placed in her kennel and immediately picked up the bone in there to show me. She wagged her tail and was so excited to be somewhere new! She gave me a big ole kiss and I told her to make me proud! As I closed the door she had her big happy smile on :). I kept my smile on; doing my job to make her confident.

Maddie gives Betsy one last kiss while Betsy is in the kennel

As I was leaving with baby Jo, my CFR stopped me to tell me that because of Betsy's cough, they decided to spay her as soon as she returns to GDB. I am disappointed that she isn't going to be a breeder, but that's okay. My CFR said they would get her back, give her a few days to adjust to the kennel, do the surgery, give her a couple weeks to recover, and she would enter training. She said they try to complete all the medical tests if they can while the dog is recovering. There is a slight chance Betsy will enter the training string with the dogs she went back with, but most likely she will wait for the next recall. So watch for my baby on the phase report in 2 -3 weeks!

Maddie, Betsy, and Jorinda in front of the puppy truck. Both dogs are wearing their vests. Betsy has a big purple bow around her neck

Jorinda is adjusting okay to the leaving of her sister. She was a little whiny the first night, probably because Betsy always slept right by the kennel so Jo was never really alone. Now she is doing great. She still looks for Betsy around dinner time and when she wants to play. Jojo definitely has more energy now that her little play toy is gone!

Jorinda sleeps with her head resting on Betsy's back

Maddie and Jorinda


Mitch, Meade, and Julimae said...

Good luck Betsy!! I thought about going to the truck and meeting her when it came back through here to pick up our recall dogs... but seeing as I don't have my license yet and I doubt my mom would like to drive an hour to the truck I couldn't :/

Jorinda looks bigger than Julimae. What was her shave spot? Julimae was double hip female. She was the smallest female, so I assume she waws the smallest in the litter.

Raiser Erin said...

Jorinda is getting so big! I can't wait to see your puppy on the phase reports!

Maddie and Jorinda said...

Meade -- Jorinda was the right hip female. So I think just one puppy bigger than Julimae? But I'm not sure on that. She weighed 30lbs even at the vet on Thursday!

Maddie and Jorinda said...

Wow, I definitely didn't mean to call you Meade! Sorry Mitch...can you tell that today was my first day back at school? haha

ChrisAnna said...

It sounds like it went well, although it helps to have a little pup to go home with. Good luck to you and Betsy.

Mandy and Cancun said...

Betsy... I mean Maddie (see what I did there!) I just figured out that one of my friends had Betsy's brother Boaz at Fun Day CA. She was sitting for him for a raiser from her club. She took him to the littermate meeting and Bernie was there too. I will get you some pictures, sorry I'm a dummy and didn't figure the connection earlier. Boaz is tall and goofy and he and Cancun were buddies for the day!

Mandy and Cancun said...

I'll email them to you btw. Can't wait to see Betsy on the reports, I will be rooting for her. And did I tell you the story of when you first got Jorinda, I brought it up at dinner how she got her dad's first Initial J for Jay and the rest of her mom's name -orinda. It sparked a very funny discussion over what our names would be if our parents named us in such a manner. I would have been Winda!

Sarah and the Pack. said...

Good luck Betsy! Can't wait to see her on the phase reports.

Heather and Kelly said...

Good luck to Betsy! I hope she recovers from spay quickly and flies through the phases. :)

Maddie and Jorinda said...

Mandy--If you could email me pictures that would be amazing! I wanted to go to Fun Day so bad! I would have loved to meet Boaz and Bernie and of course, you and Cancun! :) Thanks!

Lauren, Spike and Clyde said...

I saw Betsy in Utah when my puppy, Spike was recalled. They walked all the dogs around before I put Spike on board, and I thought Betsy seemed like such a sweetheart. :)
Spike was also on breeder watch, but was neutered when they saw a hip imperfection. They are moving him to Oregon after the neuter for his training.
Good Luck Besty! I'll be watching for her on the phase reports.