Saturday, June 11, 2011

Meet Petunia

Miss Petunia was born on April 14, 2011 to Eric and Joyous. She is 8 weeks old and weighs a mere 12lbs, making her, by far, the smallest puppy I have raised.

I made it no secret that I didn't want a puppy named Petunia, but the entire way down to Denver I just knew her name would be Petunia. It's kinda weird that I knew it, but I did! When I was handed her is "Lion King" fashion off the truck and told her name I was in shock.
The puppy truck is the main focus of the picture. Joe is hold Petunia high up in the air and laughing. I am standing outside the truck door with my head thrown back, laughing

But I immediately fell in love with my little whiteish grey girl.
I am holding Petunia in from of the puppy truck. She is looking up at me and I'm looking down at her. Our noses are touching.

Right after coming off the truck, Petunia met her big sisters, Betsy and Jorinda.
Betsy, Jorinda, Petunia, and I sitting in front of the puppy truck. Jorinda and Petunia are both in vest

Betsy, Jorinda, and Petunia in front of the puppy truck. Jorinda looks bored. Betsy looks annoyed. Petunia has her head cocked sideways and looks upset that her leash is attached to Betsy so she can't run away

We also got to meet her sister Precious.
I am holding Petunia in front of the truck and Precious's raiser is holding Precious
Precious had eye surgery for entropion while at GDB and poor Petunia is scheduled to have surgery on Monday.
I am holding Petunia. Her eyes are soaking wet
See how drippy her eyes are :(

That's all for now. My puppy is calling me!

Maddie, Betsy, Jorinda, and Petunia


Anonymous said...

She is adorable! Heidi is the smallest pup I've raised, she is 39 lbs. at 7 months! Hope her surgery goes well!

Meagan said...

Precious Petunia! :)
She looks so sweet! I hope her surgery goes well.
Have a good first night!

Beth and Alfie said...

Welcome, Petunia! She looks awfully sweet. So sorry about her eye...hope the surgery goes smoothly!

Megan & Snickers said...

Awe, she is so cute and she is half sister to my girl Paris!! Paris had to have three eye surgerys to correct entropism by the time she was 16 weeks old. We haven't had a single problem since. I hope her surgery goes well! If Petunia is even a tiny bit like Paris you are going to have one phenomenal puppy. I love my Paris!

~Maddie~ said...

Awwww! She is so cute! Congratulations!