Saturday, May 30, 2009


Hello everybody, it's me, Gabrina! My mommy is letting me write in the blog..yay!
You'll never guess what happened today! My favorite brother came over!! I'm sorry Gilligan and Garth, but Gardner is my favorite. This morning Shawna called and asked if we could please puppysit Gardner from 11-5. Of course we could! When my mommy told me I was so excited that my tail hit the lamp and knocked it over! Ooops. Mom says we'll have to glue everything to the ground if I can't keep my tail under control. Anyways, back to my day.Gardner(L) Gabrina(R)

At 11 Garder came over! I got so excited that I almost ran outside to meet him. But then I remembered my guide dog manners and waited to be told "ok".
First Gardener and I went outside to run in the yard. Boy was that fun. I love playing with Gardener. He lets me be dominate and play with any toy I want. We practiced our "come" command. I run a lot faster than Garder does. I just get so excited to get over there and get my food!Gabrina (L) Gardner (R)

After running around we went and took baths. I don't like them that much, but mom let me take one with Gardner. Yippee! When I take a bath I always stay in the bath tub and never shake. But Gardner thought it would be fun to jump out and shake off everytime mom turned around so I did the same thing. I couldn't let him have all the fun. We got bubbles EVERYWHERE! Gardner(L) Gabrina(R)

When we were all clean we got to back outside! I found a spot with dirt and rolled around. Mom was a little upset, but I know she thought I was just oh so cute.
When I was outside mom went to go pick up some old fence pickets from the sideyard so we wouldn't get hurt. Isn't she such a nice mom? But when she was over there something bite her! She went running inside and red stuff was everywhere. Luckily my mom's brother came outside to see what happened and he stayed out there so Garder or I wouldn't get hurt. That would be just terrible. After a few mintures I snuck inside to see what was wrong with my mom. There was a hole in her foot. She said that a nail poked all the way into her foot. Luckily it came right out and she'll be just fine. But I laid my head on her lap and cuddled with her just incase. Gardner wanted to help too, but he decided to chew on a bone instead.Don't I look like a baby in this picture!

Mom said I look way to much like my brother! In some of the pictures we look almost identicale! Isn't that crazy. Mom kept calling me Gardner and I just didn't understand. I just looked at her until she called me the right name. Then I listened like the perfect doggy I am.
At 5 Gardner had to go home. I was a little bit sad but I was to tired to care too much. Shawna said that I could go over and play with her and Garder anytime. Yippee! And mom told Shawna that Garder was welcome over anytime. We are going to have so much fun together this summer.
Well it's time for me to head to bed. I have my evaluation tomorrow!

Miss Gabrina Anne Louise

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Toby & trainer said...

You are a very pretty dog Gabrina!
And yes you do look a lot like your brother:)

Toby & trainer