Thursday, August 6, 2009

to grandmothers house we go..

A couple weeks ago Betsy got to to go my grandparent's house. This was one of Gabrina's favorite places. My grandma loves my dogs and loves it when I bring a puppy in training to visit.
While we were there Betsy got to run in the yard. The grass in my backyard is fairly torn up from dogs running laps, so to have a whole yard of grass to run in was heaven for Betsy. My grandparent's HOA won't allow them to put up a fence so Betsy started out running on a long line. She kept getting tangled up and I was afraid she was going to break a leg. I finally took off the long line and attached her drag line. I let her run in the grass while I kept a very close eye on her. She never once tried to escape the yard. She would run to where the grass met the sidewalk and she would turn around and run back. I was very proud of my little girl.

At one point during the day I brought out a bowl of water for Betsy. She took two drinks and then picked it up spilling the water everywhere. I took the dish away and filled in up again. She just picked it up, dumped it, and splashed in the water. I have never had a dog that liked water so this was something new for me.

I went and got the hose and Betsy spent almost an hour running back and forth trying to catch the water in her mouth! It was the cutest thing. I tried to get some pictures but I didn't want my camera getting wet so I only got one kinda good one.

After all the running in the water it was time to dry off. Betsy loves to curl up in towels and cuddle.

She also has a tendency to fall asleep in towels. Especially in funky positions.

When Betsy woke up from her nap we practiced stairs. I live in a Ranch Style house, so we don't have more than 4 stairs in one spot. At my grandparents we discovered Betsy has a fear of going down stairs. She isn't afraid of heights because she will look down through the railings. But she will not go down the stairs. She loves to climb up but refuses to go down. We even tried putting her at the very bottom and having her go down just one. When we did this she just turned around and ran back up. We have a problem...

At the very end of the day we took pictures in front of some flowers. In almost every picture Betsy looks super old!

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