Friday, October 16, 2009

Busy Me! [by Betsy]

Hey Guys! Guess what, it's me, Betsy!! Mommy said that now that I'm getting close to 6 months I'm old enough to write on the blog. Yay! I don't understand why I had to wait so long. I mean how hard can it be to write to some dogs that live way far away. This isn't even going to be any fun, I can't play with you guys! Bummer. Anyways, mom said I have to stay on topic. And my topic is how busy we were last week.

So let's start with Saturday. You'll never believe how bored I was! My mom spent the whole day in the bathroom. She was putting crayon stuff on her face and curling her fur. And I spent the whole day like this:
and then like this...

I got bored and slept like this...
and this...

Finally at the very last second of the day she came out in this silly little thing called a dress. And she was taller! Can you believe it? I never grow that fast, but in just one day she grew like 3 inches! Woah. Then my mom started talking about going to get dinner. I got so excited! I love dinner. And next mom grabbed my vest and leash. I knew that we were going somewhere exciting. Somewhere that involved food! But you'll never guess what happened next, she put my vest on and then sat on a bench. And the worst part, her mom got out the camera! No I hate having my picture taken!! Finally we were done taking pictures. But it didn't get any better. Mom took off my vest, told me I was a good girl, and then she put me in my kennel! Can you believe it?!? She left me at home!
Anyways here's the picture...

Sunday I spent the whole day with my mom. I guess she must have felt pretty bad about leaving me at home. We worked on all my commands and I even got a bath. Sorry my mom didn't take any pictures so you don't get to see how beautiful I am!

Monday while my mom was a school I hung out in my kennel. Then finally she got home. We went to soccer practice like normal. But then I got to go somewhere new! She called it a 4-H meeting. The first thing we did was clean the church they meet at. The church let's all the kids meet there for free so once a year they clean it. That was lots of fun! And then we had a meeting. While everyone was talking I took a nice long nap.
I guess I was very tired because when I woke up mom said it was time to go home.

Tuesday my mom's little brother had a band concert. I don't know what these concerts are all about, but man was it noisy in there! I was a little concerned at first, but then I just fell asleep.

On Wednesday I had a puppy meeting! Yippee! I got to see all my friends. And you'll never guess who was there! Three band new baby puppies. Okay, I wasn't that excited about them, but mom certainly was. I think her favorite was Mulan, she kept saying how Mulan looked just like Gabrina did when she was little. Acon and Norahbelle were also there. Mom spent a lot of time holding them too, I think she has 3 new favorite puppies. But of course she reassured me that she loved me the most. Phew.

On Thursday me and mom just hung out. Of course she had to go to that school place first, but after that she just spent the night cuddling me.

And best of all, my mom doesn't have school today! Yay! She promised that we would spend most of the day together and then we are going to my grandmas for the weekend!

I had the best week ever!!!


JRT Chick said...

I really like your blog. I think it's great that these puppies have such a dedicated person to help train them. They're are adorable. I actually have a blog about my energetic puppy as well. He's a Jack Russell Terrier, so he's real bouncy. haha! Care to link?

Stacie said...

You look beautiful in the dress!! Love the curls! Were you headed to a school dance? Hope you had fun! If you ever need a sitter for Betsy let us know.