Sunday, September 27, 2009

5 months!

Believe it or not Betsy is 5 months old! She weights 39lbs and is super tall! So without further ado...
5 things I love about Betsy!

1. She loves her kennel! She doesn't mind laying in there when I'm doing homework, or eating dinner, or while I'm at school. She is happy to lay back and chill. And she had never barked or whined in her kennel!

2. Betsy doesn't need a lot of exercise. She would rather lay on the floor and cuddle than go on a walk. Actually she doesn't like to go on walks but I'm working on getting her to love them.

3. Betsy responds much better to positive reinforcement than to corrections. I love this because I feel like a bully giving her corrections. She looks at me with these big eyes and I feel like she is says "I'm sorry mommy I won't do that ever ever again!"

4. She is nice and big! I have always like the big stocky dogs better than tiny ones. I don't know why. I think the tiny ones are super cute, but I just like big ones. Maybe because I have only ever had big dogs.

5. Betsy is a prancer. She loves to pick up a toy and prance around with it in her mouth. She gets so proud of herself. The only problem with this...she likes to do it with things that aren't toys too.

Sorry about the bad pictures. I'm hoping to get outside and take some nice ones in her vest soon!

[Sleeping on her favorite blanket]

[Practicing "Go to Bed"]


Emily said...

Awh! She's so cute :) I'm a freshman in high school, and I'm raising my second puppy, Pepe for GEB. He's 6 months old. My first, Hart made it through 3 of 4 phases of harness training, and was released last week due to stress. So now, he's with ATF and will be "serving the country" as a detection dog. Betsy remids me a lot of Hart when he was a puppy :)

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