Sunday, September 13, 2009

Puppy Meeting

On Wednesday we had our monthly puppy meeting. Our CFR, Barb, was at the meeting. She helped me a lot with Betsy. She quickly identified why I was having so much trouble getting Betsy in and out of the car, to go down stairs, and to relieve outside. Betsy is a very timid puppy who doesn't like going outside. I had noticed that she was more timid than my other dogs, but I didn't make the connection that she didn't like going outdoors. But now I notice it all the time.
She hates going on walks. When we are out walking if a car drives by, a plane flies over head, or a dog barks, she freezes and tucks her tail.
And the reason she stoped walking in Walmart is because she was so stressed out. But she doesn't show her stress until she can't handle it anymore.
So Barb's solution? To let Betsy do basically whatever she wants on outings. Let her sniff everything, greet people and other dogs, and just have fun. We need to build her confidence by over praising and hardly ever correcting. When Betsy has more confidence out in public we are going to go back and teach her how to really behave. But for now it's all fun :].

That's about all the news I have from the meeting. We worked with vest sensitive dogs and dog distracted dogs. Neither of those fit Betsy so she slept most of the meeting.

No news on Gabrina.

Maddie and Betsy.

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Lisa and Ellie said...

Keep up the good work - Ellie is a very sensitive puppy too. Or, at least she was... it's been exhausting and very disheartening at times, but she has really grown a lot and gained a lot of confidence also. If you were to see her now - you would never have imagined she was scared of EVERYTHING when she was a little puppy. SO, keep up the good work... she'll gain the confidence in her own time! Kudos for allowing her that space to go at her own pace getting there!