Sunday, September 13, 2009


I have listed all the commands I teach Betsy throughout the next year. I listed them by the ones she knows, the ones I need your help teaching her, and the ones we haven't started.

The ones she knows/ we are working on knowing:

That's Enough
Go to Bed
Let's Go

The ones I need help with:
These are the commands that I have tried to teach Betsy but she doesn't understand how to do it. Do you have any suggestions on ways I can teach them to her?


These are the one's I haven't taught her yet:


I feel like I missed some. Did I miss any?

Maddie and Betsy


Lauren and Don said...

Don's having trouble with kennel and stand. The directions in the manuel for stand is very hard to follow, and the directions for kennel are nonexistent! All I can think of for teaching kennel is to say it every time you put Betsy in her crate, car, small space, etc. I do this with Don- after about 1 1/2 months, he's started to get it. As for stand, I don't really have any suggestions. I remember finding a great "stand" tutorial on a puppy raising site, but can't remember it's name. I'll try and find it, but for the meantime I'd suggest asking your leader or another raiser to demonstrate. Good luck!

Heather and Ellie said...

For Kennel what I like to do is stand next to it, say the command "Kennel" and toss in some treats. She will probably go in. Once she has eaten and is ready to come out, block her, then when she waits say OK and let her leave. Unless she isn't meant to wait to get out of her kennel, it's just that that's how NEADS has trained me.

Once she learns the that the word "Kennel" means you will toss in a treat for her to get (like you said she is a smart puppy so she should get it fairly quickly) say "Kennel" first, then if successful toss in a treat once she gets in. This has worked really well for me!

What I do for "Stand" (maybe you have already tried this) is get her in a "Sit", then lure her into standing with a treat. Say "Stand" as you do this, and treat her once she is standing. Don't work on keeping her staying in a stand yet though, that's the second step! Also, you haven't taught her "Stay" yet, so that might be to advanced.

Hope this helps!