Sunday, September 13, 2009

sleeping, school, and go to bed

Betsy is such a good little puppy! She is already sleeping out of her kennel at night. She curls up on her bed on my floor and stays there all night. And then at exactly 6 am she get up, goes and gets her food dish, sits it on my bed, and waits for me to get up. Okay well maybe she doesn't wait super patiently, she wiggles and licks my hands until I get up. But it's cute none the less. Gabrina never slept through the night outside of her kennel. She was done sleeping at about 4 but Betsy just loves to sleep!

[The sleeping angel!]

Betsy has started going to school with me. Well not all day, but she has gone to a class at a time. She is amazing at school. She just curls up under my desk and sleeps away. The only thing that is keeping me from bringing her all day is the fact that she can't handle the hall ways. I tried to walk her through them once and she got super stressed out. We had to bail into a classroom until all the kids left. But other than that she does great.

[First day of school.]
Sorry about the bad quality. I forgot my camera and had to use my phone.

I have only practiced the "go to bed" command twice with Betsy. Ever. And she already has it nailed. She is such a food driven and smart puppy. I am really proud of how fast she figured out how to get that piece of kibble.

[Smart dog!]

Look for more posts today.
Maddie and Betsy

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