Monday, September 21, 2009

Puppysitter Report

Betsy got back from the puppysitter on Friday, I would have updated sooner but I have been very busy [but that comes later in the post]. She got an excellent report. They said she did great around the bikes at CSU and she even got to see her first squirrel. She also went up and down lots of stairs and in and out of the car by herself most of the time! Yay Betsy! I must say that having the break was nice. But I'm happy to have her home. As nice as the occasional breaks are, I don't think I'll ever be able to coraise a puppy, I get too lonely and bored.

On Saturaday Betsy went to my soccer game and a BBQ. She did great at both. That's about the extent of Betsy's weekend. She spend the rest of the time at home while I ran around and did things that she just isn't ready to handle.

Maddie and Betsy

[Betsy playing at the BBQ]

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Lauren and Don said...

Nothing better than getting a good report from the puppysitters! Congrats! :D