Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Report

I got Betsy's report from her trainer yesterday. Here's what it said:

DOG: 4W03 - Betsy F\LAB\Black - TRN\REL  DOB:4/28/2009
RELEASED DATE: 9/17/2010
SUMMARY:   Betsy is an average sized female black Labrador retriever.  Upon Betsy’s arrival on the Oregon campus, she showed major signs of fear both in and outside the kennel.  She was quickly assigned to a master instructor for a temperament evaluation.
Betsy seemed so show more fear towards men then women.  She was introduced to the clicker and high value food was used.  She was quick to learn the clicker “game”.  Unfortunately both on and off campus she continued to have major fear reactions to some people, traffic and any loud noise.  She was slow or never would recover and refused food during these reactions. 
Due to her reactions and poor recovery she is not suitable for training as a guide.  She currently is on 3 cups of Natural Balance Lamb and Rice.
RELEASE REASON(S): 21101 - BEH: Fearful Behavior People  Generalized
LOCATION (if applicable):

RELEASE REASON(S): 21301 - BEH: Fearful Behavior Environment  Generalized
LOCATION (if applicable):
IMPORTANCE: Secondary 

The part about her refusing food really concerns me with how stressed she must be. Betsy is one of those dogs that would go through walls if I called her with come. She would do anything to get that piece of kibble. If she is refusing food, she must be super stressed!

Also, it looks like we will be flying Betsy home. While my CFR is in California right now, Betsy is in Oregon! It will cost us around $300 to fly her home, which is cheaper than driving out to get her. If everything goes as planed she should be home this weekend!

Maddie and Jorinda


Amanda said...

Wow! When my second pup, Mesa, was career changed over ten years ago, all we got was a generalized explanation of why he was coming home. GDB sure has come a long way. I'm glad you are getting your girl back soon. :)

Raiser Erin said...

It sounds like she might have missed you. While I know some people don't agree with the idea that dogs can miss certain people I do entirely. Some dogs have such a strong bond with a certain person that when that person is taken away then they become stressed, agitated, and depressed when asked to do a task. They can function as just a pet without the person, but anything more than that becomes a chore. Let any one say what they will, but that's what I think. I'm so happy that you get to have her back!

Ally and Eclipse said...

YAY! I'm so happy you don't have to wait for the puppy truck! She must have been really overwhelmed to not accept any food, including high value treats! Poor girl, at least she's coming home where she can relax. I can't wait to "see" her again!

Erin and Co. said...

Yay for her coming home!!!!

GDB Puppy Sitter :) said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Betsy :( Are you going to be adopting her? (Sorry if you already posted about that...I've been in Europe a month and am SLOWLY getting caught up on things) :)