Wednesday, December 2, 2009

We got some white stuff! [By Betsy]

Guess what happened last night! The white stuff fairy visited last night! Here's the scoop!
I fell asleep last night and it was super cold.
I woke up this morning and ate breakfast.
Mom took me outside to "do my business" and there was white stuff all over the ground!
I went potty and really wanted to play but mom had to go get in the shower and get ready for school.
Bummer right?!?
But mom promised that she would take me outside to play as soon as she got home from school.
Well guess what..while mom was at school my mom's mom (really my grandma, but she doesn't like to be called that..hehe) took me to play in the white stuff!
I ran and ran and ran!
And when mom got home she took me out again!
I ran and ran and ran again!
My friend even came outside to run with me.

Betsy running ahead of a German shorthair pointer dog, Slim. Betsy has a front paw off the ground and her ears are flying backward. The other dog looks very determined to catch up. There is snow on the ground too!

Goodness I love it when that white stuff falls from the sky!
But now I am very tired from all that runnin.
I hope you all had a very nice day!

Miss Betsy

Oh yeah, mom told me to be super sure I thanked Alphini's raiser for giving us the Thanksgiving award. This is the second time mom has received it so she's not going to repost it, but she wanted to say "thank you very much! We are blessed to have your blog to read too!"

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