Sunday, December 27, 2009


I'm sorry it has been so long since I have updated! I kept meaning to, but something always came up! So here comes a nice probably boring post. I might add one or two more tonight or tomorrow.
I am going to add all the pictures at the end, so if you just want the cute stuff skip this...
I had finals the 17th, 18th, 21st, and 22nd. I was super busy studying and taking all of my finals! We had finals the week of Christmas, lame right!! Some scrooge decided that I should have a super hard final in all 8 of my classes. Grr! But oh well, they are over now and I get to relax. While I was cramming Betsy was hanging out at home wishing she could come to school. And everyone at school was wishing Betsy was there so they could play with her before semester ended. I can't take her on test days though, the principle requested that I don't take her on days when I know I am taking a test. Poor Betsy!
There was a little mix up with who was puppysitting one of the puppies in mu club, so I got to have Mulan from the 21st to the 23rd. Mulan is 5 months old and absolutely adorable! Betsy loved having a friend and was really pouty when she left!
We had a great Christmas. Betsy got a new bone and a new rope for her jolly ball! She would have gotten more if I wouldn't have just boughten her 4 new bones less than two weeks ago. She did great not eating any wrapping paper. I also got a new framed picture of her...I'll do a different post on the picture and how you can get your own!
Two days before Christmas our oven decided to stop working. So we didn't get to give any of our friends baked goods and it messed up our plans for Christmas dinner! But we made something else delicious and are learning to cook without the stove! Betsy and I have spent quite a few days running around with our parents finding the "perfect" oven for our family. I think tomorrow we are going to go pick one up (i hope!). At least I have officially now gotten in all my driving hours, so when April 1st comes around I can get my license! Woot woot!
I think that basically brings us up to date. On Thursday and Friday we are going to be at my grandparents celebrate Christmas with my mom's side of the family. And on Saturday we are going to be at my aunts celebrating with my dad's side of the family! I love Christmas :D!
Betsy laying under the tree with a very bored droopy face
Betsy while I was studying
Mulan, a tiny yellow lab, chewing on a bone while Betsy stares at her
Betsy didn't want to share her new bone!
Mulan laying on the floor looking at the camera. She is the most beautiful lab I have ever seen.
Miss Mulan is beautiful!
Mulan laying on the floor with her eyes closed and tongue sticking out
She stuck her tongue out and snored :D!
Betsy and Mulan curled up on the dog bed together. Betsy is stretched out in the back and Mulan is curled up against her. Betsy has her head down and Mulan is looking at the camera
They cuddled before bed everynight!
Mulan leaping with her front feet off the ground. There is snow falling in front of the camera
Mulan playing in the snow!
Mulan and and Betsy curled up on the wood floor together. They are sound asleep
They helped me make cookie dough..before the oven broke!
Betsy and Mulan laying under the Christmas tree with their green vests on. The camera is on their right side. Betsy has her chin resting on Mulan's vest. Mulan has her head tilted to the side
I tried to take a nice picture in their vests. They are adorable!
Same pose as above but they are both asleep. Mulan's head is on the ground
They got bored and fell asleep
I am wearing a red Ford shirt and gray sweat pants. Betsy is sitting in my lap with a framed drawn picture of her out to the side
Me and Bets with her picture
Betsy is curled up in my lap. Slim, our pet German Shorthair Retriever, is laying to my right chewing on a bone
My two babies!
Betsy standing with her jollyball between her front legs. She is looking at the camera with perfect puppy
Betsy with her jollyball. She has those puppy eyes down!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!
Maddie and Betsy


Ro said...

I'm commenting on all 3 posts here hehe. I bet that totally freaked you out about the highlighter, eek! Sounds like you had a good Christmas even without the oven. Hope all your finals came out well. Why can't you take Betsey when you have an exam? How exciting about your driver's license!

Maddie, Gabrina (IFT), and Betsy (PIT) said...

My principle thinks that if I bring her on test days she will distract the other kids so they won't test as well. I don't agree, but I had to fight to be able to bring her at all so I'll go along with his silly little rule.

Anonymous said...

The drawing that Paul did is amazing! I also love the picture of Mulan and Betsy by the tree. Do you happen to know when Mulan was born?

Maddie, Gabrina (IFT), and Betsy (PIT) said...

I'm not positive on her birthday but I think it is around July 13th. And her parents are Bingham x Alanis