Monday, November 15, 2010

A good worker!

Jorinda is so incredibly good in public! She loves to go, go, go! I can take her on all day shopping trips and she doesn't get tired. She is very good about not greeting every person and she is a pro at loose leash..for the most part!
We do have a problem though, after a short outing she refuses to get in the car! She backs up, sits down, and refuses to get in the car! She isn't done working, so she isn't ready to leave! Any advice on how to tackle this bump in the road?

 {{I can't upload pictures again!...Grr!}}

Maddie, Betsy, and Jorinda


Coreena said...

I would try going on a short outing, getting in the car and going somewhere else for a bit. Do that and rotate with just going home. That way she never knows if you are done working or going home and it'll be more exciting. At least, that's what I would try. Hope you find something soon!

Elijah and Dembre said...

I agree with Coreena. Also, I've dealt with some dogs who just sit down and WILL NOT get into the car. I'd say sit there and ignore her for awhile. Don't give her attention until she follows through with what you have asked. If that doesn't work then I'm sure something else will.

Elijah & Dembre

Amanda said...

Kyle did that at about 5 months and recently started it up again. I practically pull him towards the car the last few feet and then lift his front paws in. Then he kennels just fine. It can be a fight though.

I've wondered if Kyle's issue is weather related since he was fine in all the warm months. I bet the floorboard of the car is pretty cold in the winter. I've decided to put a blanket on the floorboard and see if that helps.

Let us know if you find a solution. This isn't a problem I've encountered with my other puppies, so I'd love to hear advice as well.

Erin said...

Sometimes puppies won't get in or out of the car with a headcollar on. Otherwise I would try doing a come into the car.