Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sisters [[Best Friends]]

Betsy is sitting in front of me at the airport. We both have bug smiles on. I am squatting behind Betsy. You can see the large dog kennel beside us. And for the record...I'm wearing a Peyton Manning jersey!(:
At the airport!

Betsy has settled into my home so nicely. It's as though she never left. Jorinda loves having her big sister home! They play so well together, but stop as soon as they are asked to. Betsy and Jorinda can even handle both sleeping loose in my bedroom together. They will sleep until at least 9 on weekends without making a peep. All they ever want to do in the morning is cuddle on the dog bed! Oh my girls, they're not early risers!(:

Betsy and Jorinda laying on the ground next to each other. Jorinda is resting her head on Betsy's back. They are both asleep
I have clicker trained Betsy to wave, shake, fetch, and give high fives. She is great at all of them and just loves learning new things! Betsy never liked to learn how to do anything so it's great to see her so eager to please. She definitely gets upset when she doesn't understand what I want. She will perform all of her tricks and then pout if she didn't get a click. But it's a work in progress!

I'm just so happy my girl is home!

Maddie, Betsy, and Jorinda

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Stacie said...

the two puppies snuggling is adorable. Alex and I may need a sitter the weekend after thanksgiving from about 8 - 12 each day. you interested? This would be a paid gig.