Sunday, November 1, 2009

4 day weekend!

This past weekend I got 4 days off! Woot Woot! I are probably wondering why I didn't update sooner..but hey I'm a teenage girl..I was busy.
Let's start with Wednesday. It was Betsy's half birthday! I'll do another post on that later. To begin we woke up to snow! This made Betsy the happiest pup ever. It really pleased her when we got around a foot of snow! Woohoo! She played in the snow and slept while I was at school and when I got home we went shopping! We were shopping for over 3 hours so by the end she was exhausted. It was probably a little bit much for her, but I had some things I needed to get done before Halloween (like getting a costume). She was awesome despite being tired and not wanting to walk.
Wednesday night Betsy slept out of her kennel and she slept until I woke up at 10! She didn't even get up when she heard my mom feeding our pets dogs!
Thursday I went shopping again. This time I left Betsy at home. She just chilled with my brothers all day. When I got home we practiced stay, which she is awesome at!
On Friday I got together my own costume and started working on Betsy's. She was an adorable little bumblebee. I made the whole thing..and for someone as uncreative as me, that's a big accomplishment!
Saturday I was planning on taking her trick or treating with me for a little bit but she was stressed out all day so I just left her at home.
And that brings us to today which we spent doing homework.

I promise I have pictures for you, but I can't find the cord to upload them to my computers. Hopefully I can get them up soon!

Have a great Monday!
Maddie and Betsy the bee

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