Monday, November 23, 2009

But it's fun! [By Betsy]

Hey Pups!
I'm usually such a good girl that momma lets me wander around the house. My favoritest thing to do is go lay on the doggy beds in mom's room! But today I had other plans. When mom was in the bathroom blowing air on her hair, I snuck into the bedroom. Mom watched me go in but she just thought I was going to take a nap. She closed the bathroom door and turned up her music. When I was sure she was busy I tore up some of my doggy bed! It was sooooo much fun! I am a smart dog though and didn't chew up the whole thing. If I did that I wouldn't have anything to sleep on! When mom walked in the room I gave her my best puppy eyes. But I think she was still pretty mad. She cleaned up the bed super quick so her parents wouldn't see and get mad at me. Mom said I lost all my freedom! Now every time she gets up I have to follow. And she never lets me wander off on my own. I am always on tie down, in my kennel, or glued to my mom's side. This is no fun!!

I promise never ever to chew on another bed!

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Lauren and Don said...

I had other plans today too! When my mommy wasn't looking, I snagged a sock off the couch and ran away. It was so much fun!!!- but then my mommy corrected me. From now on, she says I have to have constant supervision. Darn. I am in my kennel now :(