Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Here is my post for the day; in a kind of poem way. But not really a poem. 

When Betsy was a little puppy
a UPS man came to our door in uniform.
Betsy coward when he tried to pet her.
I think she was afraid of the uniform.

When we visited the fire station,
Betsy was afraid of the firefighters
before they even put on the breathing mask.
I think she was afraid of the uniform.

I have been exposing Betsy
to all kinds of people in uniforms
and I think we have tackled her fear!

Yesterday two navy recruiters came to our house
to talk to my older brother and my parents.
They were of course in uniform
and Betsy wasn't afraid of them!
She loved them.

And this morning
when we saw a UPS man delivering a package
Betsy got very excited.
I think it was the uniform.

Betsy sleeping on the floor with her head resting on her paw. Her leather leash is going out the the left side, under her body

Maddie and Betsy 


Sarah and the Pack. said...

Yay! Glad she got over her fear of uniforms. Cute poem!

Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

YAY BETSY!!! That's a great accomplishment! Loved the poem.