Sunday, November 15, 2009

Freedom [By Betsy]

You guys will never ever guess what happened yesterday! It snowed and I got a taste of freedom. Here's the scoop
It was snowing outside and mom was getting ready for bed. She had taken off my dragline and thought I was laying on my bed in her room. But little did she know I wanted to play in the snow! Mom opened the front door to go outside and get her phone from the car when I made an escape. I didn't mean to bolt out the front door but snow is my favorite! I ran around and around the yard. Mom immediately ran out the front door. She yelled Betsy Come. Well all you pups know come equals food! And with all the snow I couldn't help but be extra excited and run right past mom. She called me again and I came to her, but when she reached down to grab me I just ran away again.  I never once stepped out of the yard or went out of mom's sight, but for some reason she was very scared. She would try to grab me and I would run. I just wanted to play, honest! Mom is sneaky too though, she snuck up behind me when I was eating some snow and grabbed me. I guess she was pretty mad because she made me sleep in the kennel with no toys AND no bed :[. Poor me! I promise never ever to run out the front door again and mom says she promises never ever to let me! So pups, the moral of the story...while running out the door and having freedom is fun, it's not any fun when your mom is mad at you!

[Here is me running in the snow in the FENCED backyard!]

Did anything exciting happen to you today?

Betsy the runner!


R said...

Betsey! You can't scare your mom like that. Don't you know another GDB pup escaped and they couldn't find him for a week? We were all so so worried. Good thing you didn't go far, but you shouldn't do that to your momma! Ok, enough scolding hehe. Glad you had fun in the snow! Was sleeping in the crate with no toys worth it?

Becky said...

Snow gets Cricket pretty excited too. Glad you made it safely back in!

Mrs. H said...

Yes, I too have unfortunately learned that the whole come=food thing only works when the food is better than what Eve is currently focused on... glad Betsy is safe and had a little fun!