Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's those stairs again! [By Betsy]

You will never guess what my mom did yesterday!!! She made me walk on those scary stairs with the holes in them. But this time she had food with her. I waited at the bottom while she walked to the top. (Editors note: there were 5 steps). Then momma said "come!". Well, "come" is my favorite command in the whole word. So I took off running, but then I realized that it was those stairs again. I had my front feet on the first step. I really wanted to go up to my mom and get that piece of food but it was scary! I stretched my body all the way up to the 3rd step, but I still couldn't reach her. I had to put my back feet up. Slowly but surely I climbed all the way to the tippy top of the stairs! And you know what mom did?! She gave me a jackpot of kibble! Yippee! Then we walked up and down the stairs until I forgot all about those silly holes. Hopefully the next time I have to practice on them I won't even notice the holes.

[I'm one sleepy girl!]

Do all you hot dogs have a wonderful Thursday?
Miss Bets-a-roo!