Monday, November 9, 2009

A Busy Weekend

Betsy had a very busy weekend, but there are no pictures for this post.
Friday: 4-H Achievement night. Betsy got to experience a crowd of over 600 people. There was lots of applause, music, noise, little kids, food on the floor, and people talking on a microphone. I must say that Betsy was awesome! She laid and slept for the first half and the second half she just sat up beside my chair and watched the people. Then at the end (3 hours later), I took her potty, which she was  grateful for, and she "stayed" as I helped clean up.
Saturday: I had two soccer games. Betsy sat through the first one. We went out to lunch at Qdoba and then Betsy slept through the second one. The field I was playing on doesn't allow pets so we (I should say my parents), got to educate the public on the access rights of PITs in CO.
Sunday: Another soccer game. Betsy chewed on her bone the whole time! Then we went to lunch at Red Robin. Despite the crowd, dirty floor, and loud noises, Betsy was able to sleep! Good Girl.

Sorry for a boring post,
Maddie and Betsy

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Erin and her Dogs said...

Cool! We were in 4-H for a while, I miss it! I saw my first GPD at a achievement night. :))