Tuesday, November 10, 2009

All Growed Up? [by Betsy]

Hellooooo World!!
Momma says I'm growin like a weed. I don't know exactly what a weed does, but I'm sure it is beautiful if my mommy is comparing me to it. Yesterday mom made me stand up against the wall while she drew where my back was and then she made me stand on this big pad thing that beeped! That wall must have been magic because as soon as I walked away mom said my back was 21 1/2 inches tall! If my back is that tall, can you imagine how tall my head must be?!? Wowzers! And the beeping pad said I weighed 50 lbs! I'm one big puppy. My big sister, Gabrina, weighed 55 lbs at recall. I am going to be bigger. Ha, I always knew I was better than her!! And just think, I'm only 6 months old! Aren't I a big girl? Practically all growed up...don't cha think?


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OSU 98 said...

Dear Betsy,

You are growing up! You are very beautiful...as we girl black labbies are!! Keep growing and being good.


Chelsie Belle