Friday, November 27, 2009

How to teach stand

I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving yesterday! Betsy sure did! She got to play with another puppy all day long!! Anyways...
I have been trying really hard to teach Betsy stand but she just doesn't get it! I have done everything in the puppyraising manual with no success. I am planing on asking my leader about other techniques...but I won't see him for a couple weeks. I am hoping that you guys will have some advice on how to teach her; and then I won't have to bother my leader at all ;)

Wow sorry for the horrible quality! 

Maddie and Betsy

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Emily said...

When I teach my dogs stand, I use a lure. A treat or toy works well. I start with just luring them into the stand, and then when they do it, I say the word "Stand" and then reward. It does take time, so be patient. Good Luck!