Thursday, November 19, 2009

I got a new bone! [By Betsy]

Look at my new bone!

I got a new bone!
Look at my new bone!

Bone, bone, bone. I got a new bone!

Chewin on my new bone. Chew chew chew!

Betsy and my new bone!

[Note from mom: My ALT tags aren't working. The alt="" part isn't there on edit HTML. Is it possible that it's because I'm on a Mac?]


Anna said...
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Anna said...

Wow, clearly I'm not thinking and can't type grammatically.

Hey Maddie, when you go into your HTML, you have to add the alt tags (alt="") into your \ "img src="" \. You would put it in like this: \ img alt="" src="" \ - as in, just add it in after the "img" part. The slashes I put in instead of brackets (<, >), because the Blogger was rejecting my comment.

Carrie and Waffle said...

wow a new bone, I love new bones! and I notice that you have your old bone right there with you as a back up. You can never have too many chewy bones!

Ro said...

Oh sweet, you use a Mac, me too. I thought the code for alt tags was already there under edit html? Thats what another blogger told another blogger who asked about adding alt tags lol. I'll try and remember to explor the edit html tab and see what my screen reader says, from one Mac to another ;)