Saturday, November 28, 2009

7 whole months! [By Betsy]

That's right guys! I am 7 months old!

Mom said I could write 7 things I really like about me this time! There most certainly are not in order!

1. I am a good little sleeper. I sleep sleep sleep at night. And I sleep sleep sleep during the day!

2. I am a champion at climbing grated stairs!

3. I have beautiful black fur and big brown eyes!

4. I can eat two cups of food in less than a minutes!

5. I weigh 55 pounds!

6. I get to go lots of places with my mom!

7. Everyone loves me!!

Betsy is looking up at the camera. Her ears are perked up and her eyes are yellow because of the flash
[Mom is hoping to take some nice pictures of me soon! I am way more beautiful than I look here]

Betsy the BIG girl!

Oh yeah and mom wants to know if anyone got the GDB Phase Report? 


Ro said...

I have the phase report. Do you want to publish your email? If not, comment on my blog, and I won't publish it, but then I'd have your email.

Picture sounds just darling :)

Ro said...

You're most welcome, I'll send it now :)

Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

Happy 7 months!